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News Report #1 - An Unnecessary Violent Attack

Posted on Wed Jun 24th, 2020 @ 6:00pm by Patriot Pearson
Edited on on Wed Jun 24th, 2020 @ 7:24pm

Mission: Episode #1 - A New Year
Location: Boston, MA
Timeline: January 4th, 1773

An Unnecessary Violent Attack
By Pearson

On the evening of January 3rd, 1773, a group of young Bostonians spent their evenings like most children do, sledding down the streets of Boston. But when young Thomas Feit's sled lost control and slammed into the fence of Zephaniah Barnard, Mister Barnard resorted to violence, using his walking cane to hit young Thomas over the head.

Seeing the outrageous violence perpetrated by Mr. Barnard, the teacher Alexander Knox came to the aid of young Feit. Immediately demanding an apology from Mr. Barnard whose simply responded by entering his home to fetch his musket. In a show of complete cowardice, Mr. Barnard refused to apologize to Thomas Feit and when the boy and Mr. Know refused to leave his property, Mr. Barnard opened fire in what he claimed to be self defense. Luckily Thomas Feit was uninsured, however, the valiant Mr. Knox was gravely injured in the torso and is currently being treated by Boston’s best physicians.

Mr. Barnard, a well known loyalist who operates a merchant shipping company, has been bound to the confines of his home with his family.

The Sons of Liberty are calling upon all patriotic Americans to join them in condemning this unnecessary violent act upon children. All are encouraged to circle the home of Mr. Barnard tonight and demand justice.

Would King George support such heinous actions against such a young child? Absolutely not - this goes to show how corruption of the British and how their loyal followers live under a separate set of rules.

The Boston Telegram calls upon the resignation of Prime Minister North who should thus be replaced with a minister who supports the entire empire, including his majesties American colonies.


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