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A Storm is Coming

Posted on Tue Jun 23rd, 2020 @ 8:28pm by Patriot Pearson

Mission: Episode #1 - A New Year
Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Timeline: Early Morning 1/1/1773


The building that the Boston Telegram called home was small, just big enough for a few workers to move around the printing press. Upstairs, three rooms were set aside as two writing workshops and one as a library. Luckily for them, their benefactor (who remained anonymous) left them to their own devices, as long as they continued to push the Patriot cause and they themselves used pseudonyms as a form of protection.

In recent years, Boston had become a powder keg. Patriotic Americans, who are so committed to their principles, often face off against their Loyalist neighbors or even a few Red Coats. Naturally, the Boston Telegram was always there to tell the story of British Tyranny.

Today though, a contributor only known as Pearson to those outside the office, walked through the front door, followed by a few snowflakes. He was the first person in for the day and the office cat came rushing over. "Hello there Benjamin! How great it is to see you today!" Named after Benjamin Franklin, the Boston Telegram team decided to get a pet for the office. People were always in and he'd quickly learned to stay away from the ink of the printing press (that's not to say a few newspapers haven't had a few paw prints every now and then).

Pearson scratched Benjamin on his head. He'd found the cat on the streets of Boston, freezing and starved. His coloring was beautiful; the white/black fur and fierce yellow eyes, were often a welcome break from the arduous task of writing.

"Lucky for me, Benjamin, today's an easy day." Pearson had taken down a piece of parchment and a pen. "Today I get to talk about the weather." Pearson wrote ...

In the early morning hours of January 1st, 1773, a colossal winter storm moved into Boston. Dropping at least two inches of snow per hour, at the time of this article, Boston Common was covered in a white blanket of snow that was over a foot deep.

An unnamed local weatherman suggested that this storm was the largest to hit Boston in a generation and would continue to drop snow over the city for days.

Other locals are looking at this storm as a sign of the continued British occupation of Massachusetts. But like this storm, the end of British oppression and tyranny is just days away. Continue to resist tyranny in any way and remain firm in your fight for liberty.

Pearson took the paper, read it over, making a few edits here and there, then started setting the letter pieces for the printing press. Benjamin sat by his side, happy to have some company on this cold snowy day.



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