Colonial America

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A Messenger

Posted on Mon Jun 22nd, 2020 @ 2:23am by Patriot Jeddidah Quarels

Mission: Episode #1 - A New Year
Location: Boston North End
Timeline: December 30, 1772

Dark, ominous clouds hung low on the horizon. Sleet covered the cobblestones in the streets of Boston.  In the course of the past twenty-four hours, it had rained, sleeted, and snowed.  At that time, just before twilight, it had stopped.  But the threat of more moisture falling, most likely snow, given the temperature at the time.

There were a few people, merchants closing up shops, Red Coats prowling the streets, a few die-hard, and drunks in need of an open pub. But most anyone else, if they were sane and had common sense were home; building fires, dealing with kids, or an unruly spouse. Or, if they were truly unlucky they were doing booth.

Jedidiah Quarels was sane.  There was no doubt about that, and he was reasonably intelligent.  Plus, he had someplace to be.  The Green Dragon Inn, which he helped his parents run.  But, that's not where he was.  He was out on the streets

He was carrying a leather-bound Geneva Bible and a hymnal, but he wasn't going to a prayer meeting or to hear an itinerate preacher declaring a message of hope and repentance.  While he deeply believed the Bible and knew most of the hymns by heart, today, they were mere props-he prayed that God understood,  He was on a mission.  One, that if discovered could land him in a British prison, or worse, hanged as a traitor if a judge was feeling particularly vindictive

Tucked inside the Bible was a note from a group of the Sons of Liberty in Dorchester to another in Boston.  He didn't know how important the note was, he hadn't read it.  It wasn't his place.  For all he knew, it could have been a test to see if he could follow instructions and complete an assignment.

To complete the charade he'd even brought his dog Moreover, a medium-sized cur of uncertain heritage and age with a usually calm temperament.

He was headed to the Green Dragon, the inn where he worked.

"Halt," cried a deep, commanding voice, with a clear Cockney accent.  "What is your business?"

Jed restrained himself from making a smart ass comment, which he was tempted to do.

Instead, he put on a smile that almost reached his eyes.

Moreover growled at the soldier even bared his teeth until he received a harsh if half-hearted rebuke from his master.

"I have just come from a meeting", he said holding up his books.  It was the truth, the absolute truth.  Just not the complete truth as the meeting he'd just come had nothing to do with the Bible or the Church.

The Red Coat glared at Jed as if he knew he was guilty of something, but couldn't quite figure out what

"What kind of meeting? the Red Coat insisted.

Jed felt a little guilty that he was now moving into the realm of an out and out lie.  He held out the Bible and hymnal.  He preached from the Book of Romans, the first chapter.  Would you like me to recite it for you?"

"No," the soldier said, "you are free to go.  Just know there may be some people keeping an eye on you.


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