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Patriot Jeddidah Quarels

Name Jeddidah Amos Quarels

Position Colonist

Rank Patriot

Character Information

Gender Male
Age 20
Colony of Residence Massachusetts
Allegiance patriot
BFMS Username Jonathan Forrest
Discord User Jonathan Forrest 3285

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 10"
Weight 175
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Jedidiah is a modest man, and seldom removes his shirt unless he is chopping wood or some other chore around the Inn his family owns, but when he does, it is clear the manual labor he engages in keeps him in good shape

His hair is black as a raven’s wing. Despite his best efforts to control it, it usually falls onto his forehead, occasionally, even into his eyes. His father and a couple of his older brothers wear wings for a formal occasion, though they would never be considered the upper class. Jed, refuses to do so, seeing them as pretentious and a waste of resources.

His eyes are a bright azure blue the color of the summer sky.

He often is clean-shaven, but has of late grown a beard and is experimenting with the look.


Spouse None
Children None
Parents Father William Quarels 54 Sarah Qaurels 56
Siblings Brothers William Quarels II 31 Abraham Quarels 25
Sisters Eve Weaver 28 Abigail Quarels 24

Other Family Various aunts, uncles, cousins who love mostly in England.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Synopsis

Jedediah is passionate about the causes that he believes in. He tries to be fair and open-minded and, perhaps naively sees all men as equal. Like many other followers of the Wesely brothers, he is an abolitionist, which he openly espouses. He also sides with the Patriots, though he is much less outspoken about that.

He is a first-generation American, whose family came to America in 1751, two years before his birth. He is the youngest of five surviving children. He is deeply committed to his Faith and loves his new country.

General Overview: Jed would never describe himself as a social butterfly, he’s too reserved for that. On the other hand, he is comfortable in his own skin. While he can negotiate and talk his way out of situations, his real verbal talent, is getting people to open up and talk to him.

His relationship with his family is not bad, but it’s not the best it could be either. Not everyone is as fervent in their religious beliefs as he and his parents. Additionally, the family is divided in their loyalties. His parents, like himself and his sister Abigail are Patriots. His other siblings are Loyalists. Family gatherings can sometimes be a be strained, os the subjects of religion and politics are seldom discussed. Which is a good thing, because while the older siblings are all off pursuing their own careers and fortunes, the four Patriots run the family inn, The Green Dragon.

The inn is not just a place where they earn their living. It’s a popular inn and British sailors and soldiers, even some officers stay there, and as the saying goes, “Loose lips, sink ships.”

Since armed conflict has not yet started the Intel they pick up is not of a lot of importance, but as things, progress that will change.
The Green Dragon was founded in 1654, is the oldest bar of the Revolutionary period. The Freemasons took the first floor for their meeting rooms. The basement tavern was used by several secret groups will one day become known as the “Headquarters of the Revolution”. The Sons of Liberty, Boston Committee of Correspondence, and the Boston Caucus all meet there. The Sons of Liberty will meet there so often that the Green Dragon will come to be called the “Headquarters of the American Revolution.” The Boston Tea Party was planned within it.

If the wrong people found out about what was going on there, it would put Jed and his family in harm’s way, so everyone is keeping things close to the vest. He is, however, harboring another secret he doesn’t want anyone to find out about.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths

He is usually calm under pressure and thinks fast on his feet.

He is good with people, especially getting them to trust him and open up.

He is more intuitive than analytical, but he is able to keep a pretty good balance between the two.

Strong Moral Compass and vocal about his Christian faith.


He’s a risk-taker

Is a “closeted introvert.”

Fear of heights

Quick temper

Strong Moral Compass and vocal about his Christian faith.
Ambitions Professional: Take over the family Inn

Personal: Help to throw off the yoke of British rule an be an integral part of what comes after

Romantic Sees himself remaining a confirmed bachelor for the rest of his life.
Hobbies & Interests Reading, especially history and the Bible, model shipbuilding, astronomy

History William joined the Royal Navy, at the ripe age of twelve as ship’s boy. After a few years, he became a powder monkey. A dangerous job, but he liked doing it. He stayed in the Navy for twenty years, until the age of thirty-two, after rising to the rank of Chief Petty Officer.

He was a pretty typical sailor, given to debauchery, gluttony, and often drunkenness. Nevertheless, he managed to fall in love with his Captian’s daughter Sara Nelson and in 1740 he married her while in port in London.

About a year later, he was transferred to shore duty, because of hIs expertise in cannons. In 1742, they welcomed there first child into the world and named him William junior. Sara who had been a nominal member of the Church of England, but never much more than that, began to listen to the Weselys whose style and theology was much different than she was used to. But, she was soon caught up in it and became part of the Great Awakening that was spreading like wildfire in Britain.

She wooed her husband until he started attending the meeting and he too was got caught up and became as devoted as her.

While the intensity of the revival fires eventually died down, the Quarels remained devoted to their new-found faith. William reformed his ways, as did Sarah (who had less to repent of) and they raised their family in that way.

In 1751, he resigned from the Navy having grown discontented with some of the policies of the Crown. He moved his family across the Atlantic. They bought the Green Dragon and expanded it into not only a tavern but an inn with a dozen rooms.

Jedidiah was born on September 20, 1753, in Boston, the only Quarels’ child to be born in the Colonies The Junior Wiliam followed in his father’s footsteps (against the wishes of William Senior) and joined the Royal Navy. He is now serving aboard the HMS Britianna a 100 gun First Rate ship.

Eve, the eldest sister has returned to London with her husband. They are firmly on the side of the British. Abraham is less fervent but still is on the side of the Loyalists. He is a silversmith.

Jeddah’s education wouldn’t have been defined as classical in the strict British sense, but he learned to read and write well enough to have been admitted to Harvard had he so desired.

He did not just accept the faith of his parents at face value. He had to accept it on his own which he did when he was fifteen. While he doesn’t push his beliefs on others, he has never attempted to hide them, or be subdued in expressing them, including his belief that owning other humans is wrong.

He and his parents are less vocal in their support of the Patriots because they are loyal to the cause and feel they can best serve the “rebels” by staying in the background and offering the Green Dragon as a place where information can be gathered and clandestine meetings can be held.
Their “spying” is more passive, to a degree, even benign (though still enough to get them hanged for treason should they be discovered).

Jedidiah, who has been working at the inn since he was sixteen oversees the night shift. He is a good diplomat and despite his young age is respected and listened too. He also does some occasional hunting and fishing to supply meat for the inn, or at least a portion of it.

While his parents and sister are more passive in their support for the Patriots, he takes a more active role gathering information clandestinely, and as things progress he will act as a provocateur and even a saboteur.