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Bio form Updates & Other News

Posted on Sat Jun 20th, 2020 @ 3:01am by Patriot Nathaniel Warren

Hi all!

I hope you're doing well! I've updated the Bio form on Nova as follows:
-Colony: This reflects the colony you currently reside in. Example: if you were born in New Hampshire, but live in Massachusetts, your colony would be Massachusetts.
-BFMS Username: This is for accounting purposes, once you have your character on the BFMS, I can link you to our manifest so that it's accurate. If you haven't loaded your character onto the BFMS, please do so ASAP :)
-Discord Username: If you're apart of our Discord Community, be sure to put your user on Nova. It'll be easier for us to connect the character to the person on Discord!

In other news, as we continue to move forward with Colonial America, I will be posting weekly in-character documents to help us along. I will be putting together a calendar to help guide us through each mission (should be done this weekend too). I plan on getting my first post up for Nathaniel Warren this weekend. Feel free to put up your own introductory post as well! We can always use the Discord Chat to plan out encounters between our characters!

Lastly, I'm looking for an Assistant Game Manager to help with the operations/logistics of the Game. If you're interested, please contact me by next Friday 6/26.

If you need anything, feel free to contact me!

Nathaniel Warren
Patriot Colonist, Colonial America


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